Desire Venice Rome 2023


MAY 18 – 25, 2023


Chioggia, the port from which our first Desire Cruise set sail in 2017, has become a gateway to Venice over the last few years. With adverse weather prior to boarding, our passengers began arriving. There were low temperatures, but we were so excited to get to work on final preparations for our meet & greet and a few details before boarding the ship, marking our first return to Europe of 2023.

A cold, rainy night, was not an obstacle for the more than 200 attendees who assisted our meet & greet, which was undoubtedly something unique for the locals of Chioggia and the restaurant staff. Excellent food, free flowing champagne, and a great atmosphere was what was in excess the night prior to our departure. Concerned, but prepared for the 7-day weather that had been forecasted, we welcomed our passengers, both new and friends from previous voyages

After a slight delay from the port authorities, we were able to board and register all of our guests. The bad weather that had been holding us back, magically disappeared, and with the winds in our favor, we set sail with a spectacular cocktail party as scheduled.

In conclusion, this cruise has become one of our favorites. Greece embraced us once again, and we have committed to return soon to discover new islands and create new experiences. Make sure to join us and be a part of them.

The days on our Desire Cruise were low-key, ideal for recharging our energies. Upon returning to the ship, an incredible atmosphere awaited us. Whether it was enjoying a martini or listening to great musicians and singers before an exquisite dinner in one of more than five venues onboard, there was something for everyone. Later, we got ready for the theme night and anxiously awaited the opening of our sensual cabaret, where each and every night was filled with rhythm, lights, and big surprises (if you know what I mean).

Our DJs were always attentive to the atmosphere, playing everything from recent hits to the classics we all love, they had everyone out of their seats dancing to the beats. And for those seeking a different vibe gathered on deck 5, where the band played until the wee hours of the night.

And how can we forget the best night of all! Our white party really drew in the crowds, where 99% of the passengers dressed in sensual and elegant white outfits, to dance, sing, and shine like never before. We even had a wedding onboard. This and more are what Desire Cruises is all about!

The most highly visited area was our playroom, where every afternoon an interesting and well-attended workshop was held with Dr. Jess or Katrine and Claus, so that every night couples could put into practice what they had learned while fulfilling their wildest fantasies at sea.

Without a doubt, this itinerary has been the best to date, full of onboard activities, great ports, excellent weather, nights that turned into sunrises and, above all, a spectacular group of friends and passengers. We were able to enjoy every minute of every party, and it has left us all longing for more!

We look forward to meeting again, either in Greece or in Rio de Janeiro. For now, see you soon!

Mario Cruz

Cruise Director

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